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The 1st Online Persona Management platform for individuals.
Transforming every employee into a skilled, authentic brand ambassador!
How myBranda empowers your employees' branding?

Your branda score
Learn & assess your current online activity

Connect your social media channels. Get a visibility score assessing your online activity backed by our innovative algorithm.

Discover your perfect online persona

Answer our super accurate short quiz and discover your Branda - the perfect  brand image tailored to your profession & personality.

Your weekly goals
Get your plan & track progress

Based on your personal data and goals, telling you exactly what, when, and where to post on social media and improve your score.

Social Media Channel

Designed for individuals to fit employers needs

Your employees represent  the company  24/7!
Are you sure they have the best platform to ambassador-shine online?

Employer-Shine Online

Create a 'Top-Employer' online perception

Save Media costs

Leverage employees’ network to save costs

Hire the right people

Attract better talent suited to company's culture

Get Represented Better

Enhance your employer's online reputation

Stay Relevant and Dynamic

Keep your employees engaged and visible


Provide a  
Win-Win Solution

63% of new employees (less than 1Y) tend not to share company messages on social media. Their priority is to use a solution that benefits them first.

Discover myBranda's Employer Features

Leader Boards


Drive activity with gamification

Utilize activity tokens and a dynamic leaderboards to manage employee competitions

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Stay data-tuned with dashboards

keep track with employee posts insights and discover how much media you've currently saved

Stay data-tuned with dashboards


Seamlessly promote events

Integrate your employer-content ,to create a win-win both for the company and employees

Simply getting my brand in shape

Capitalize On Your Company Culture

Study shows new applicants find current employees to be the most trustworthy when considering a potential employer...*

Turn Every Employee Into a Brand Guru

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