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Super charge your  services with customer insights

Harness the power of Big Data. Get an accurate 360 customer visibility assessment in seconds


Measure  customers'  visibility health

Get customers' current visibility score and benchmark it to their industry peers


Get insights to help customers shine online

Improve your customers' score and build the right brand to achieve their goals

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Effortlessly manage all work processes in one place

Use myBranda's simple templates to set your customers' goals, schedule automatic reminders, provide feedback and track their progress
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Become the Brand Oracle with premium

Super-power customers' tailored plans with our unique consultant's tools and insights area.

Network insights

Know exactly what topics interest your customers' network with our Network Listening feature

Performance tools

Choose the most effective hours for customers (and yourself) to post

Constant learning

Learn what works best for each and every customer, and bring your plan to perfection


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Use myBranda's built-in branding and customer reference features, to become more visible and grow your business



Take informed decisions backed by data insights, bring more value to clients and maximize their success



Simply manage and document your ongoing communication with customers in one place

Discover your customer's online persona

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