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We really love brands, and people. Lucky for us, all people are brands, which makes our work so much more enjoyable. Our life's goal is to help you maximize your online potential and discover your own perfect online brand. Not just to find it. but actually start building and empowering it- simply and automatically from your mobile device. Join our brand plan to re-invent your digital identity, start getting more visible, recognized, and better rewarded for what you do.

Our Team

We bring over 15 years of experience in Branding, Digital strategy, Business, Data & Algorithms Programming and many more. This is why we were able to create the perfect solution to combine innovative persona branding methodologies with cutting edge technology

Dana Roitman

Co-founder & CEO

Former head of digital marketing, comms & video at SAP. Over 14 years of experience in digital marketing & social media strategy. A top branding consultant, Built and re-branded dozens of B2C & B2B brands

Vladimir Kolesnikov

Co-founder & CTO

Former R&D Director at Zepp Health AI Lab. Over 9 years of experience in data-driven health & wellness SAAS companies. A key role holder of two “exits” - PAI Health (R&D director), a military-tech company, (Co-founder)

If you won't tell your story, somebody else will

This famous quote by Aristotle stated thousands of years ago, has never been more relevant. Every person is a brand. Each and every one of us has our own brand values, brand promise, brand message and brand story. In today's connected world, our human brands and stories are literally exposed to thousands, or even millions of people globally, just like every business brand we know. But whilst all business leaders build and invest in their online brands, most people don’t know how to build their unique brand, deliver their message or tell their story the right way, which unfortunately might lead to major business and career opportunities loss.

With myBranda, it's finally possible!
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